Minor Orders and Clerical Tonsure Ceremony: 15 August 2012
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Subdeacon crossbearer Fr. Samuel Abah and acolytes enter the chapel Two ordinands to the first two Minor Orders: William Salac (left) and Marcel Ockerse His Lordship Bishop Bernard Fellay speaks about the graces conferred by these steps to the priesthood Three seminarians kneel before the Bishop in preparation for receiving in the clerical tonsure Second year seminarian Anthony McNamara of Australia receives the tonsure Second year seminarian Nicholas Stamos from the US likewise becomes a cleric The new clerics are invested with the surplice after their tonsure Nicholas Stamos is invested with the surplice After reception of the surplice comes the Pax. Here second year seminarian Francis Mbadugha receives this Pax from His Lordship For the first of the minor orders, the ordinands place their right hand on a key while the Bishop pronounces the form of the order After having become Porters, the ordinands leave the chapel to perform the first ex officio acts of this order: ringing the bell... ...and opening and shutting the chapel door New porter Marcel Ockerse takes his turn at ringing the bell Bishop Fellay gives the preliminary exhortation before the conferral of the order of Lector The procession out of the chapel after the conclusion of the Pontifical Mass The ministers and ordinands pose with His Lordship after the ceremony The three new cleric (front row) along with the three new Porter-Lectors smile with appreciation for the graces received Fr. Samuel Abah with four African seminarians On 13 August, His Lordship conferred the sacrament of Confirmation on several of the faithful

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia